I remember when I first hit that publish button at Amazon. I thought, "This is it! Everyone's going to see my book, and I'll make a ton of sales!"

And do you know what happened? Nothing. Nada.

I know the pain of logging in to my dashboard and seeing zero sales for the week, or for the entire month. I kept wondering what I could do to have my book seen, and more importantly, reach readers who would appreciate what I had to share. Since then, I've learned that not only did I need to bring my passion to indie publishing, but also a smart marketing plan. Since then, I've not only become an Amazon bestselling author with over 10,000 ebooks sold, as well as a bestseller at B&N, Kobo, and iBooks, but I've also learned what NOT to do when publishing and promoting my books and how to actually make sales.

And, I believe you can do the same.

The Indie Author Mastermind online course provides a simple, actionable plan to jumpstarting your book promotion and building your author platform--two very important elements for indie authors who wish to have visibility with online retailers and gain a thriving reader fan base.

The online course consists of the following lessons:

  • Setting up your Author Central profile and Amazon book page
  • Using your book's front and back matter to capture readers and newsletter subscribers
  • Book promo sites: which ones I've used personally to achieve lots of book sales and even the best ones to use when you're running a free promo
  • Reader Magnets--yes, you need this in order to build your newsletter and attract new readers. This can even be set up on auto-pilot so you can get back to writing
  • How to set up and run giveaways to engage readers and reward your fans
  • How your online network can be the backbone of your author platform
  • Why author cross promotion will help you succeed in more ways than one (and build lasting relationships with fellow authors!)
  • DIY Book Covers, how to best go about them if you're on a tight budget
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing secrets you won't want to miss!
  • My 4-Day Launch Plan template
  • Bonus content that includes downloadable PDFs
  • And more!

I hope you can join our community and bring your unique voice and experience to IAM. Please browse our lessons and courses, and decide on which membership package is right for you.


Alesha Escobar

Founder & Administrator

Indie Author Mastermind Online Course